What is Microblading? and how did you learn this procedure?

Microblading is a tattoo. Pigment is implanted with a manual tool in the epidermis. The hand tool has a very small blade, when used correctly the blade creates fine hair strokes. It takes great skill to create thin even strokes. Too much pressure will result in deep cuts that will create thick, cool colored, strokes. Too little pressure will result in loss of hair strokes.  This is why experience is very important. Please do not be fooled by cheap pricing. This is a very technical procedure, that requires an artistic eye, precise hand coordination and experience with different skin types. Microblading can last anywhere from 1 -3 years depending on the client's skin. Yearly refreshers are highly recommended.
I have 14 years professional tattoo experience and an associates degree from the Academy of Art University. I received my microblading certification from Phibrows under the supervision of Master Kler Rosenburg. Phibrows has an extensive curriculum and the certification rate is less than 20%. In addition to this specialized training I have also received certification from Master Kristina Melnicenco in Brow Symmetry.

How can I book and what will the procedure be like?

You can book your consultation or microblading appointment here. Consultations are encouraged but not required. If you choose to forgo a consultation and book your microblading appointment online please book your perfecting session afterwards. Perfecting sessions are to be scheduled 5-8 weeks after the initial appointment. My schedule fills up quickly so this will ensure you do not go without your required touch up session.
Your appointment will be held at my private room located in Black Dagger Tattoo 1215 Corona Dr. Austin, TX 78723
At your consultation I will asses your skin type and decide if you are the right candidate for Microblading. It is not advised for oily skin to receive treatment as it generally can last as little as 6 months and thicker hair strokes are to be expected.  During our consultation we will discuss your expectations and address your questions. I will need to know your medical history as well as any medications you may be taking. Contraindications can negatively effect the outcome of your tattoo so honesty is the best policy!  After our consultation we will book an appointment for your Microblading procedure.
On the day of your procedure I will map out your eyebrows and make them symmetrical working with the natural shape of your existing brows. This will ensure that as your tattoo lightens over time you still have nice looking brows. After we agree on the shape and thickness of the brow we will choose your color. I work very closely with my clients to ensure we are making the best possible choices together. This is your face and I want you to feel comfortable with the shape and color.
Your first appointment should take approximately 3 hours.  This includes drawing time.  

How much does it cost?

Microblading and 8 week perfecting session- $650 total.
Pricing breakdown is as follows
$100 deposit due before consult
1st session $550
Perfecting session $0
Yearly refresher. Half price of current Microblading rate.